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Focusing on tribal nations, environmental solutions, and community development;
 New Earth Tribes (NET) provides funding, advocacy and exposure for purposes aligned to our own as well as scholarship for those in need of transformational work. 


We see that by the unification of the people and conscious use of our natural resources we are capable as a global collective to bring forward a new era for mankind. 


  •  Ceremonial Event Production 

  • Scholarship funding for individuals

  • Fiscal Sponsorship for aligned efforts 

  • Grow powerful and effective alliances 


~ "I am, because you are" ~
Here we understand that truly... WE are - because YOU are.  


A Little History... 

How did New Earth Tribes begin? 
In 2011 our Director, Emily began pouring sweat lodges at an addiction treatment facility in Delray Beach FL.  Time after time miraculous transformation would occur as clients connected to Earth and the medicine of the sweat lodge.  
Soon, gatherings of New Earth Tribes began with the intention of providing a community and a safe space for integrating their transformation and support their access to (for most) a new modality of recovery.  
Through the years we have grown a lot and refined our mission and even our name :) ....  but always it is the importance of community and the belief that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE which keeps us stepping excitedly into this Great Mystery.