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Ceremonial Event Production - We specialize in producing events and community gatherings that reflect our mission. Finding a location, promotion through our community, handling pre-registration and administration, facilitation ceremonial gatherings, word circles or councils. Festivals and community spaces at larger festivals.  

Scholarship Fund - We provide funding for individuals who are committed to major life transformation. Particularly those who are suffering from PTSD or recovering from addiction and mental health diagnosis.  The work we represent is a unique form of high level
integrative therapy that combines practices of modern psychology with
indigenous healing tools and ancient practices.  

Fiscal Sponsorship - For select organizations and efforts we allow the use of our tax emempt status. This allows us to support the community in building their own projects as well as accomplishing service goals such as support at Standing Rock or local initiatives.  

Alliances - Over the past 6 years New Earth Tribes has forged powerful bonds with those who we work with. These alliances make so much of what we do possible. We have worked closely with the International Center for Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom and Way of the Rising Sun University in welcoming the Q'ero and the Arhuaco. Also The Heart of The Healer Foundation
(the Pachakuti Mesa and teachings of Don Oscar ~Miro Quesada) is a foundational
part of the energy we have built New Earth Tribes by. 


What is a Fiscal Sponsor? 

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